Our Company

Berryton is a vertically integrated agrarian holding company focused on selling and the processing of agricultural crops

The company is actively developing new businesses: production of frozen fruits, berries and vegetables with offering the freezing and storage services for third-party manufacturers; as well as procurement, processing and export of honey.

Berryton enterprises are located in Kyiv and Zaporozhye region.

Most of Berryton products (80% – 100%) intended to export to the countries of the near abroad, the European Union, to the USA.


  • The company employs the powerful agro-climatic potential of the country and its advantageous geographical position. In the period of independence, Ukraine regained its status as a powerful agrarian state. Today it holds leading positions in a number of agricultural areas, including the production of fresh and frozen vegetables, berries and fruits, and production of honey. Climatic conditions and a rich raw materials base allow Berryton’s enterprises to obtain stable and homogeneous quality produce. At the same time, the closeness of European, the Middle East, and Asian markets creates favorable conditions for export supplies.
  • BERRYTON relies on modern technologies. The Company creates its production base by purchasing or renting the most advanced and equipped processing plants, while its specialists skillfully apply new and effective technological solutions. The Quality Control System installed at Berryton’sfacilities complies with the international standards.
  • BERRYTON pays much attention to developing the qualification of its stuff, first of all, of technologists and engineers. This reduces the number of rejects, optimizes production costs and, thereby, significantly increases the profitability of the Business.

Our Mission

Everything about
why we get up early
morning and go there

We can see our future only in those businesses, for the development of which we’ll be proud whatever the case. We truly believe that supplying really healthy foods on the market we will make a meaningful contribution in changing standards of Man’s living for better.

Своє майбутнє ми бачимо лише в тих бізнес-напрямках, розвитком яких будемо неодмінно пишатися. Виробництво і постачання на світовий ринок натуральних продуктів харчування рослинного походження не має побічних ефектів і, беззаперечно, сприяє підвищенню рівня життя як в Україні, так і в інших країнах світу.

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