Our Identity

Berryton Holding Company


“Contribute to society through the introduction of healthy food products”

Our Mission is to contribute to society through the introduction of healthy food products. This Mission is especially important once the world market suffers from a scarcity of natural products. The world’s population growth and gradual deterioration of agroclimatic conditions (namely the onset of drought and depletion of water resources) are the main triggers. Suffice it to say, the how-to-feed-the-world issue considered as a priority in the UN agenda.

Berryton Holding Company


“Ecology, Health, and Harmony are our values. We protect and defend them by doing our business``

Our production and all the products have never been, are not and will not be exposing a threat to the environment or to people’s health. Quite the opposite, the products we produce have a beneficial effect on consumers’ bodies and lives. We live and work in harmony with nature and with ourselves, building our future only in those directions, for the development of which we will never be ashamed.

Berryton Holding Company


“Only through the development of consciousness Human civilization can exist harmoniously in the Universe”

The new information era, which sprang at the beginning of the third millennium, continues to change not only our technical armament but also our ideological approaches, including those in business.

We can see how ultra modern people – regardless of their professional background – are courteous about the planet, as well as the fruits of their labor. We are glad that the advanced technology production process becomes faster and more economical. We spend less scarce energy in the form of electricity, coal or fuel. This makes the World a better place for sure.

We can see our future only in those businesses, for the development of which we’ll be proud whatever the case. We truly believe that supplying really healthy foods on the market we will make a meaningful contribution in changing standards of Man’s living for better.

Своє майбутнє ми бачимо лише в тих бізнес-напрямках, розвитком яких будемо неодмінно пишатися. Виробництво і постачання на світовий ринок натуральних продуктів харчування рослинного походження не має побічних ефектів і, беззаперечно, сприяє підвищенню рівня життя як в Україні, так і в інших країнах світу.

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